schedule trend

The purpose of Schedule trend is displays cumulative finish dates for baseline and actual tasks. It is important to remember this metric does not consider the task to have been completed as per its baseline finish date. However, it does give a general indication of how your project is progressing. With schedule trend you are able to analyse the metrics to assess if your project tasks are meeting their expected baseline dates, Baseline Execution Index (BEI) and Hit or Miss (HoM), these metrics provide further viewpoint on how your project is performing.

  1. Name of project

  2. Click to display menu options

  3. Click icon to change settings

  4. Click icon to copy to clipboard

  5. Click icon to export to Excel

  6. Cumulative count of task finish dates

  7. Baseline Execution Index (BEI) and Hot or Miss (HoM)

  • BEI compare completed count against the baseline count

  • HoM compare expected completed against baseline

  1. Adjust frequency and filters

  2. Refresh button

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