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health check
MS Project Health Check
MS Project Health Check

Health Check

Have confidence the dates provided in your schedule are meaningful and accurate for reporting

  • Simple easy to use interface to run schedule health check indicators

  • Predefined health check indicators to gain confidence that the schedule is in a robust state

  • Results displayed to the screen for visual comparison

  • Single mouse click filter on each indicator and to correct errors as necessary

  • Export results to Excel for presentation or to save as history to measure progress

  • Display a chart for visual communication

trace path

Trace Path

Locate & trace slipping tasks with a time efficient method to rapidly discover and display the driving path

  • Determine the cause of a slipping task, easy as selecting a task and clicking Run

  • You can analyse Predecessor and Successor paths in a Gantt or Network view

  • Time efficient when locating slippage drivers

  • Comprehensive and takes the manual guess work out of determine task critical paths

  • Focus on the driving path for a better project outcome

MS Project Trace Path Logic
MS Project Trace Path Logic
field explorer
MS Project Field Explorer
MS Project Field Explorer

Field Explorer

Discover & identify custom fields and resources which are used to control your project

  • Field Explorer provides a simple way to display commonly used fields

  • Gives you the capability to quickly identify which fields may be used to control the schedule

  • Any field that is renamed would most likely suggest it has a purpose or importance and therefore should be examined

  • Display and filter Local or Enterprise resources

task drivers

Task Drivers

​Detect & traverse through your project plan by selecting the controlling or non-controlling tasks

  • Display predecessors and successors for a selected task

  • Shows information without going to a predecessor or successor (start and finish date, slack, percent complete)

  • Highlighting driving tasks making it easy to quickly identify the controlling logic

  • Simply double-click Task Drivers and it will goto the selected task

MS Project Task Drivers
data export
MS Project Data Export Costs

Data Export

Analyse & visualise resource allocation, costs, custom fields and additional project detail in excel

  • Export task assignment data to Excel over nominated time period and frequency

  • Easily extracting assignment data, on any time period with work or cost

  • Select Text, Flag, Outline Codes from Local or Enterprise fields

  • Flexibility to present data in many different ways in a familiar tool

earned value

Earned Value charts

Evaluate & measure with Earned Value, these charts provide an effective way to show visual monetary values and performance indices for your project

  • Capture EV data (PV, EV, AC, Baseline, and Forecast) from your project and plot these values into charts

  • Assess warning signals throughout the life cycle of the project

MS Project EV Charts earned value

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